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April 13, 2009

Divine Intervention

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Good Friday 2008. A special day. There is a feeling in the air. It is hard to identify. It is a mixture of excitement and regret. We fit the label “Snowbirds” for only three more days. Two and a half months ago, we escaped our Canadian frozen landscape to wander through warm areas of the United States. Our only agenda being to stay warm, we followed closely the weather maps, glorifying in sunshine and friendship. Now our vacation was coming to an end. 

There has been so much to be thankful for! Invited by our best friends, Sue and Aurel, we traveled in their truck, pulling a fifth wheel. We travelled in amiable companionship, finally having time to share memories, family histories and events. Yet in all that time, I am not sure that I prayed. 

Of course, as we admired, awestruck, the splendor of the world surrounding us, we each praised and glorified God in our mostly silent and private way. As we camped at Big Bend, I knew in my heart that the sights my eyes were beholding were truly holy. Only a great Artist could sculpt such grandeur. Speechless we travelled on foot through the large spectacular Carlsbad Caves, wanting the excursion to never end. 

“Oh Lord, how great thou art” was the refrain that escaped my lips a thousand times over as we allowed the immensity of space and scattered starlight to dominate our very beings at the MacDonald Observatory. 

The incredible views of the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest and varied giant cacti were but a few of the sights that left me, and I’m sure the rest of my group, with an attitude of gratitude. Is living in a prayerful state actually the same as voicing a heartfelt prayer directly to HE/SHE who is directly responsible for our very existence? 

On that Friday morning as we left Nashville to slowly make our way home, I worded a prayer of thanksgiving, asking that we be safe the rest of the way, as well as the people we encountered on the road. The men were in charge of the transportation vehicles and responsibly checked them on a daily basis to make sure we were safe. Thus, it was with a great feeling of security that we travelled the speed limit of a six lane highway, towards our next camp site. 

We finally turned to a two lane highway shortly after twelve, our GPS telling us that we were .8 miles from the campground. Suddenly and without warning, we heard a great thump and then with incredulous astonishment, we watched one of our wheels roll ahead of us as the metal scraped the pavement leaving a deep gauge as testimonial to our mishap. My husband Larry being the driver at that time responded quickly and adroitly to the situation. 

Had it happened one minute earlier, we would not have had a place to park. As it was, we veered into a parking lot of a small strip mall directly on our right. We watched, terrified, as our tire crossed the road, missing every vehicle travelling in the other direction. It bounced in the air over a deep ditch bordering a car dealership. It weaved its way between a few vehicles, never touching one, before it crossed the parking lot of a variety store, continuing through to the parking lot of a garage. There, an employee, having come out to investigate the ruckus, placed his hand on the slowing down tire and stopped it before it could touch a truck parked in the yard. 

No sooner had this happened that people started arriving with offers of help. A young man stopped, picked up parts that had scattered on the road and made sure we were okay before leaving. As luck would have it, ( or was it part of the Divine plan?) we had thirty minutes left on our cell phone. It was exactly the time we needed to call AAA, asking for, not one but two tow trucks, one for the truck and one for the trailer. Where exactly were we? No problem! To our right again, on a billboard on the last building, written in big bold letters, was the address and telephone number of the one business that was open on that Holy Day. 

It was through them that AAA communicated with us once they could no longer reach us on our cell phone.
It was a beautiful, sunny day. My cousin and friend Sue and I sat back on the side, taking pictures and talking about what could have been! I told her about my prayer that morning as we left. I was not surprised to hear that she too had had a prayerful moment. Her prayer had been much the same as mine. 

To our dismay, a truck pulled up, baring the words “Racing For The Lord”. The young driver was a chaplain on his way to checker flag races. Despite our protest, he stayed with us for the three hours it took AAA to arrive. He called a garage nearby. They happened to have the part needed to fix the truck wheel. He checked on their progress, insisting that they treat us fairly. Finally, we climbed in his truck, a truck sent by God, and followed our towed trailer to the campground. 

The town of Goodletsville wears its name justly and hopefully, proudly. And check out the name on the truck of the minister racing for the lord at three o’clock on Good Friday; Crossroads Ministries Inc.
By five o’clock, all four of us, numbed by the experience, were back in the safety of our travelling home as if nothing had happened. Not quite! Humbled and awed as we sought to understand the litany of events and seeming coincidences, we each sent up prayers to our Maker, who had decided after all to keep us around a little while longer. And when I told my daughter the story, she said that she too had prayed for our safety that morning. “ 

Matthew 18:20 (New International Version) 

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” 



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