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April 14, 2009

I Will Not Subscribe

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I was impressed! I was speechless! My aunt was giving me the first and last gift I received from her. It was a booklet on faith, written by a distant, recently discovered cousin, a man I never met. With only a grade five education, disregarding spelling, he had ventured into authorship, in order to pass on his beliefs. For each booklet, he charged 50 cents. My aunt had bought dozens, to share with the people she loved. I was one of them.

If this man could leave such a mark, why was I so reluctant to share my writings? (A pass time I truly enjoyed)
The next day, working at the kitchen sink, I was inspired. It was as though I was pushed towards paper and pencil, with thoughts that came from outside of me. I was exuberant, as time after time, I left the kitchen sink, to write yet another of my thoughts, OR WERE THEY MY THOUGHTS?

Within an hour, I had written a text I was very proud of. Where did this line of thought come from?
Would I have the courage to share my writings? How could I go about it?

Going to town that afternoon, I prayed. I prayed for a sign. “God, if you were my inspiration, give me a sign. Not just any sign. Let me meet Mary, the local author, the 84-year-old woman I swim with every morning and admire so much”. I proceeded to the bank, where I intended to take out some money for my errands. An accident around the corner caused power to go out while my debit card was still in the banking machine. Impatiently, I waited to retrieve my card, when, Mary walked in, said hello and explained how she had been delayed by traffic.

Following is the text that I now wanted very much to share!

I Will Not Subscribe

formulas for everyday living

I Will Not Subscribe to the Encyclopedia of Self-pity.

It robs me of my energy.  I will pick up a new hobby instead.

I Will Not Subscribe to the Daily Newspaper of Stress.

It is the cause of the three major killers; cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer.  I will meditate instead.

I Will Not Subscribe to the Magazine of Negative Thoughts.

It erodes my joie de vivre.  I will sing instead.

I Will Not Subscribe to the Book of Loneliness.

It opens the doors to fear.  I will give of my time instead.

I Will Not Subscribe to the Recipe of Fear.

It gleans away sleep so that I cannot rest and I become ill.  I will learn the facts instead so that I may find a solution.

I Will Not Subscribe  to  the Library of Disease.

It erodes the most subtle pleasure of life.  I will heal my body with my mind.

I Will Not Subscribe  to the Diary of Tears for my Loved and Departed Friends.

It may hold them back from reaching the Light.  I will send them blessings instead.

I will  make time for myself.  I am worth it.

I will not forget play, laughter and exercise are some of the best prescriptions for life’s trials.

I will not stay in a job I do not enjoy.

I will make the play I love my work.  My rewards will be even greater.

I believe what the mind conjures up has a way of becoming reality.

It is even biblical: “According to your thoughts be it unto you.”


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