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May 24, 2009

Beautiful Me

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Beautiful Me

I am

Looking in the mirror.
I see
Beautiful me!

Body strong,
Eyes bright,
I am me,
To my delight!

Food to nourish,
Air to cleanse,
I drink in the nectar
That life abundantly sends!

I love my body,
I nourish it kindly,
It responds tenderly
Gracing me healthily.

For the breath moving me,
I am all that I can be!
Body, mind and spirit,
I am one with the Infinite.

Simone Arbour Vegh


May 23, 2009

Life’s Trials

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Life’s Trials

When a mountain you see

in a place where it shouldn’t be,

look at your back door, seek within,

the answer is near, the sun is shining.

When a winding road you travel

where you should be on the straightway

pick up the pace and lift your head

there are brighter days ahead.

When you are gathering the pieces

after the storm fades away

do not despair, count your blessings

a rainbow you will see in all its glory.

When you feel alone and unloved

go seek others who grieve

forget self, shower them with kindness

In love you’ll find the key!

By Simone Arbour Vegh


Dream Poem

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Dream Poem

I dreamt a poem

so sweet and melodic

featuring my totems

all moving to music.

A snake wearing boots

danced ceremoniously

to the sound of the flute

healing my body.

A lone buffalo

to the creator gave praise

stood under a willow

and continued to graze.

A crow sun bathing

near a boiling brook

wrote meticulously

in her sacred book.

Ancestors many years ascended

saluted me with pride

my spirit was lifted

as I glanced the other side.

Simone Arbour Vegh


Dream Memory

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Dream Memory

Visions danced in my head

filling me with splendor

a world unknown lay ahead

shimmering in all it’s grandeur.

As I opened my eyes

the memory faded away.

The dream just vaporized

leaving my soul on empty.

I arduously searched my brain

for particles or remain

a word, color or number

a glimpse of who disturbed my slumber.

When finally I did surrender

leaving the task to the dream master

images swirled through my body.

The dream, finally, was here to stay!

Simone Arbour Vegh


Soul’s Journey

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Soul’s Journey



In the realm of souls

I now dwell temporarily

seeking to reach the Infinite,

to be one with eternity.

Do not shed endless tears

for they hold me back on my journey.

Instead, send out your prayers

as they help light the way.

If I had unfinished business,

or caused harm during my stay,

pick up the torch to the finish

so I don’t have to return unduly.

Every time I incarnate,

I endeavor amends to make.

Divine perfection is my destiny

through healing deeds for humanity.


Simone Arbour Vegh


Prophets Amongst Us

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Prophets Amongst Us

” If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.”

A prophet I must be

for in my dream I did see

places unknown and far away,

foregone events unfolding lucidly.

A prophet I must be

for in my dream I envisioned

my brother dying in vain,

my uncle accidentally maimed.

A prophet I must be

for in my dream I glimpsed

people I had yet to greet,

challenges I had yet to meet.

If a worthy prophet I could be,

then why do so many questions remain?

Why can’t I view the recipe

to wipe out hunger and pain?

Simone Arbour Vegh


Glorious Morning

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Glorious Morning

Good morning to a new day

wonderful in all it’s glory!

Songs of freedom and beauty

travel on a golden sun’s ray

as God’s flutes praise joyfully

the ecstasy of life on display.

While creatures return from slumber

warmed and prodded by the sun’s hunger

Mother Earth renews her bounty

of Divine blessings and energy.

Good morning wonderful new day!

I am alive to embrace humanity!

Simone Arbour Vegh


An Angel Speaks

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An Angel Speaks 

angels-with-divine-light-thumb8453340Soaring gloriously 

with angels bright 

I rejoice graciously 

embraced by the Light 

While dwelling in your presence 

my eyes often couldnt see 

the beauty of life and its essence, 

the power of love and glee. 

Now freed from my earthly plight 

And empowered with Godsight 

I understand the pain of your strife 

And stand close to you in life. 

Do not lose yourself in grief. 

Ones stay on earth is but brief. 

It is in love that you hold the key 

To all that is and all that can be! 

P.S. License taken to invent the word Godsight” 

Author: Simone Arbour Vegh 

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