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October 31, 2009

Address your stress before your body is in distress

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A monster! A killer! Won’t leave you alone! Lurks around every corner! Just when you think you have submerged this enemy, it resurfaces. Are you going to surrender? You can’t put up your hands and walk away from it. Whether your hands are up or down, it will make you a prisoner in chains.

Your weapons against stress? Measure yourself up against it. Start defeating it early. It is a daily battle.
I learned this early in life. May I suggest the book that took me on the path to a healthier lifestyle. It will certainly hint about my age. I learned a lot from the famous book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. It all comes down to the Olympic theme “Believe”. The word believe is the antonym to the word “fear”. After all that is what stress is: the fear of not succeeding…. succeeding in healing your body, in keeping the boss happy, in getting the job, getting to work on time, passing the test…

The remedy starts with taking a deep breath. Do not give up too easily. What is worth having usually does not come easily. Ask the question “Is it worth it?” and then go for it or let it go.
There are 24 hours in one day. After hopefully sleeping 8 hours, there are still 16 hours left. How long does it take to take a couple of deep breaths. No I don’t mean the deep breath you take inhaling from your cigarettes. Dr. William Campbell Douglass would say that helps too. Last thing I want to do is promote his philosophies. I am not open minded enough for that.

O.K. Take a deep breath, visualize someone or something you love and superimpose it on your heart. Do this several times a day. It can be done in public and no one needs to know. The picture that went to my heart several times a day was that of my smiling nephew.

In my classroom, I had posted a picture of a laughing cat. I could see the stress dissolve off the face of my learning disabled students as they looked at the laughing cat and yes I encouraged them to laugh out loud with the cat.
Laughter is another stress buster. Nothing to laugh about? Not a problem! Let laughter be born from deep within you and let it come up. Practice as you drive your car on your way to work or to a meeting! Let it rip! Add a song or a mantra to it. Make it your own. Repeat! Repeat! If you are a believer in EFT. go ahead. Apply it! There are good demonstrations on youtube.
I took a course in hypnosis and qualified myself as a hypnotherapist to learn stress buster techniques. It may help abort headaches before they become a handicap in your day’s work. You however, don’t need to take a course. “Hypnosis for Dummies” will give you all the training you need and it is free to borrow from the library. If you are not familiar with holosync technology, it may be worth investigating. That will be for another blog story.

Go ahead! Fill up the bathtub! No! No! Not to wash! To relax! Add lavender or jasmine for aromatherapy. Put in a cup of Epsom Salt. Warn your partner beforehand that he/she will be a participant in your de-stressing therapy of the minute and have lots of fun!


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