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December 1, 2009

Hypnosis Through Story Telling

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This story was given me in a dream on March, 5th, 2009.  As a clinical hypnotherapist, I had been spending quite a bit of time writing and erasing scripts.  It is amazing how the dream world will often come to the rescue.  Since it was a gift to me, I am passing it on.  If you are a hypnotist, you may use it to your advantage.  If not, simply read it and then meditate on it or tape it and then listen to it with your eyes closed.


The main caracter is a whale?  Or is it ?  At first sight, it appeared as a very beautiful whale.  The whale was put in a circular aquarium, a show place.  Many people came to admire it.  It seemed harmless and spectators jumped on its back and enjoyed riding it.  Some stayed on for a long time.  For others, it was a short ride.

As the whale sped through the aquarium, it became evident that this was not your ordinary whale. As the whale turned, one could see, on each of her side, an awful tumored growth in the shape of fish.  In one wink of an eye, her majestic beauty had disappeared to be replaced by livid disgust.  Other whales swimming around were beautiful throughout.  Many were attracted to the tumored whale.  The ride was smooth for a while. There was much laughter and fun.  Then when the rider least expected it, he was gobbled up by the monster.  Deep down, all spectators knew of the impending doom.  Yet, they refused to acknowledge it, thinking they would jump off the ride before it was too late…before they were swallowed by the monster.

End of dream

Which one of the whales are you riding?  The choice is yours. Are you ready to jump off now before you are gobbled up?  How many unwanted tumors are there on the whale you are riding?  Identify them!  See what problems they bring to your health and your relationships.  Is the ride so good that it is worth the risk?


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