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December 10, 2009

Let the Birds Sing (part 2)

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If you doubt that our choices affect seven generations to come, you may be right. It could be a lot more than seven generations! Think of the impact of the decision to recycle or not to recycle. It is easier to look at this as it is a concrete example. For each household that chooses not to recycle, the heap mounts. If we placed all these people in the same community, the evidence would be measurable. As more land is needed for landfills and as more pollutants seep into the ground, the air becomes more contaminated. What a legacy for our children. They will be plagued with allergies and lung problems. They had better know the song of the bird. What happens in a concrete way to the garbage that is not recycled happens in a less obvious way to our bodies and our minds. As parents, we always look ahead to the next phase of our children’s life. We cannot wait for the child to walk. As soon as the child walks, we start missing the cuddly days while at the same time anticipating the next step. It is necessary to plan ahead. It is good to cherish the memories. The tragedy is our inability to enjoy the present! The birds’ song doesn’t change. It is as beautiful today as it was yesterday! It will still be beautiful tomorrow! Do not close the window! Do not cut down the apple tree! Listen to the song close up! Join the choir! As a teacher I know that attitude mirrors aptitude. What we know for others we sometimes find difficult to apply in our own lives. The bible tells us that according to our thoughts, it will be unto us. If our faith could be contained into a mustard seed, that is all the faith we would need to move mountains. We are not believers! Until we believe, positive change will not happen!

(C)    Simone Arbour Vegh


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