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December 14, 2009

Let The Birds Sing (part 4)

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Stress will always be with us.  It is what gets our adrenaline pumping.  It is what keeps us alert and creative.  The way we deal with stress is what determines whether it will benefit us or kill us.

Stress relief does not have to be costly or time-consuming.  At work when feeling the pressure, create a vision of something you love and superimpose  it on your heart.  It works!  I use the vision of my young nephew’s smiling face because his smile is one that heals.  (Yes, you , Martial)  I take a deep breath and think the word “love”  My fellow worker do not notice one thing and I am rejuvenated.

Sit on the porch and listen to the birds!  Walk through the forest and listen to the birds!  The song of the birds can be a meditation, an exercise session or a massage.  Join the song! Sing to the top of your lungs or beat on a drum.  Will the stress away!

Surround yourself with pictures and words that calm.  The lyrics may vary but the echoes are the same.

Marriage partners often find themselves wondering where their love went.  Tears are shed and lives are shattered because we close the window.  Living in the past, wanting for the future, we promise to make time for each other later.  When that time comes, we are miles apart and it is often too late.  Open the window and let the song in!

Reading about others who have suffered similar plights might be enough to bring us back on track.  A friend at such time is valuable indeed.  There are good professionals whose help will bring back the bird’s song!

There is no shame in seeking help.  It is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of wisdom.

Dream the impossible dream and watch it become reality.  Find a new song and share it with others.

The invisible threads that bind us all carry the melody and it goes full circle.  The nest is built, the birds are here and the song is beautiful.  Let them sing! Oh! Let them sing!



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