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June 10, 2010

Flexi Duck’s Challenge

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Ducks represent flexibility and adaptability.  These qualities are essential for our children to survive in today’s fast-changing society.  This story will help build those qualities in the reader.  I have used it successfully before  hypnotherapy sessions with children.

It is said that ducks like water.  In a way, ducks are like you and I .  They love water, but they also love the ground.

Flexi Duck was not like other ducks.  Flexi loved water all right.  So much so that he never wanted to come out.

Flexi’s father would say:  “We are going on a picnic today.  Come with us Flexi.  We will fly high over the forest.”  Flexi cried!  Flexi begged!  Flexi implored!  Flexi did not want to move!

Father Duck pushed Flexi with his wings.  He pecked at him with his beak.  When Flexi finally decided to go, he did not enjoy himself.  He pouted! He fretted!  He made everybody’s lives miserable.

Flexi’s mother always repeated: “It is up to you to choose how much fun you are having.”

Flexi was not a strong duck.  He only ate the food he found in water.  He did not exercise his wings.  His parents were worried.  ” Flexi,” they said, “soon we will have to fly south for the winter.  Migration is not easy.  You will have to fly in the V formation of the flock.  You will have to do your share of the work.  Come and exercise your wings!”

Flexi cried!  Flexi begged!  Flexi implored!  He did not want to move.

Mother Duck pushed Flexi with her wings.  Father Duck pecked at him with his beak.  Sister Duck and brother Duck teased him.  When Flexi decided to fly with his family, he tired quickly.  His father repeated mother’s words.  “Flyiong is so much fun.  It is up to you to choose how much fun you are having!”

One day Flexi’s parents said:  “Enough!  We will not invite you any more.  You will decide when you want to act like a member of this family.”  And off they went.  Sister and brother were laughing.  They were having lots of fun.

Flexi felt a lump in his throat!  He was very sad to be left alone.  Flexi became hungry!  He could not find any food!

Flexi saw Mr. Wolf coming his way!   He spread hisw ings to fly far and fast, but he was too tired to move.  Flexi was terrified.  He looked for a place to hide.  Far away he could see a big stone.  “If only I could get to that stone” thought Flexi.

Flexi started to move.  He walked!  He fluttered his wings!  He floated!  He looked behind!  Mr. Wolf was still coming.  He was in no hurry.  He knew Flexi Duck wasn’t strong.  He had been watching Flexi for a long time.  He only waited for a chance to get at Flexi!  What a tasty meal he would be!

Flexi thought about Mother Duck.  He thought about Father Duck.  He thought about his brother and sister.  He remembered his parent’s words.  Then a bright light flashed in his mind!  His heart filled with love.  Words floated around his head:  “It is up to you to choose…”

Flexi was filled with strength! The love in his heart exploded!  He felt like he had new wings!  Flexi raised himself high on his feet.  He spread his wings and off he went!  He flew high and he flew far!  He never looked back!

Soon he found his family.  He proudly joined them.

Now Flexi remembers:  “It is up to me to choose…”  He lets nothing bother him.  He never stays behind, unless he chooses to, for a good reason.  Problems just roll off his back, like water off the back of a duck!



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