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June 10, 2010

Grow In Peace

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After the birth of my third child, a feeling of peace, a Presence, a mighty powerful feeling such as I have never encountered before enveloped me. It possessed me.  It took a hold of my whole being.  I cannot explain how it got there or why.  It was magnificent.  I relived a similar feeling another time while I was in the dream state.  I often try to recapture these moments.  I will myself to be at peace.  I practice peace.

We have much to learn from the world around us.

September 11th 2001 is  a day that history will never forget!  A day of terror!  Why?  Senseless death and destruction leading the world into another war!  Terrorists on suicide missions!  Is it possible for some people not to feel fear?  Is it possible to hate so much that one sees death as the solution?

Peace… the solitary white heron, standing on one leg, immobile for a long time, one with nature that surrounds it.

Learn from the heron.  Take time to stop and feel the wind on your cheeks.  Know that as the breeze caresses your face, the spirit is moving through you.

Stand quietly in a solitary place.  Become grounded. Be one with nature.  Know that the light that shines through you is brighter than the sun.  Meditate on that light.  Send peaceful thoughts through every cell in your body.  Can you do that and remain angry with your brother?  I hardly think so.

Peace starts within.  Unresolved conflicts, anger, is like a grain of sand under the eyelid.  With every flicker, the wound grows from a tiny scratch to an infected sore until you can’t open and close your eyes.  Blinded, you err from one side to another, stumbling along the way, creating a rebounding emotional holocaust.

The mind is like a garden.  It needs to be tended on a daily basis.  Do not allow weeds to take over!  Replace them with seeds.  Nourish the seeds.  Know, as the gardener knows that the seeds will germinate. ” If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say unto this mountain…”

E-motions can leave you de-motioned, paralysed with fear.  Cultivate a happy mind.  When the mind is happy, the body reacts in a positive way.

Nervous tension, indigestion, high blood pressure, ulcers, heart attacks are but a few of the diseases that can be prevented by a positive frame of mind.

Make peace with your brother today.  Make peace with yourself.  accept that you are not perfect.  Accept that you have made mistakes.  Learn from your mistakes.

Peace has a domino effect.  People who stay calm have a calming effect on others.  People who practice peace are passing on the greatest gift to humanity.  It is a choice we make; stand like the peaceful heron and absorb the beauty around you or wail like the storm and destroy what lies on your path.

Bring yourself back to a time when you felt at peace.  Feel the peace.  Relive it.  Send it through your body, from head to toes.  Feel it heal.  Let it.

You will then know that you have the power to be who you want to be.  You will love your life.  You will want to live it to the fullest.



December 14, 2009

High On Life

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Feel better as you recite, read or sing this poem             

     I am high on life.

    The sun is shining oh, so bright!

     I am high on life. 

     There is not a cloud in sight.

As I walk down the path

that leads me to the Source,

I keep my head way high

and praise His glorious deeds.



The universe loves me endlessly

and sends out vibrant energy

that I use in the best way,

that I share day after day.



The world loves me greatly

and reflects back joyfully

the deeds I accomplish for humanity

the hope I give faithfully.



Life loves me unconditionally

and mirrors my fantasy

sending back my way

thoughts, become reality.



I love being me.

I’m the best I can be.

I love being me.

In love I find the key.   Simone Arbour Vegh


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